Kundalini Yoga teacher training Level 2

As a follow-up to the Level 1, the Level 2 training is about personal transformation and a deepening of the approach and consciousness of a Kundalini Yoga teacher. Communication with someone else is a reflection of your communication with yourself, so in the Level 2 training you will discover all facets of your authentic self. You become aware of your own potential as a teacher, as a person and as a spiritual being.

In 5 modules you will increasingly adapt to your own destination. By immersing yourself for a week, you and the group are able to create profound experiences. We use kriyas, meditations, challenging and fun interactive exercises and special processes for more personal images. The training ends with a sixth bonus module to get the maximum effect from the previous modules and to prepare you for your next steps.

The training is open to everyone who has (almost) completed Level 1. And if you have already completed Level 2 and would like to experience a module again, you are very welcome too.

Our students come from different countries all over the world and therefore the main language during the training is English. But as traditionally a lot of students come from Germany, there will always be a German translator present to translate from English to German and vice versa.

Theme’s and dates:

  • 19-26 April 2024 – Vitality & Stress (Germany)
  • 18-25 October 2024 – Conscious Communication (Germany)
  • 16-23 March 2025 – Authentic Relationships (Netherlands)


The Level 2 is taught under the supervision of Hari Har Ji Kaur (UK). The team includes Guru Preet Kaur (NL) and Shanti Kaur (DE). In addition, other teachers will join who will share their experience with specific themes. In this way we can offer a program that on the one hand has a fixed design, but at the same time has the flexibility to adapt to the needs of each group.

Location Netherlands

Meeuwenveen Accommodaties in Havelte

Meeuwenveen has a beautiful seminar house with large bright rooms, heated floors and comfortable double rooms. The building is surrounded by a beautiful wooded nature reserve.

Location Germany

Grube Louise in Bürdenbach

The Grube Louise seminar house in Germany has large bright rooms and heated floors. The building is surrounded by the forests and hills of the Westerwald.

Study material

For each module you will receive a manual with all the teaching material, kriyas and meditations. The manual is only available in English. The costs for the manual are included in the teaching fee.


This training is acknowledged by KRI – Kundalini Research Institute. After successful completion of the training you will receive the “International Kundalini Yoga Level 2 – “Practitioner” certificate.


  • Teaching fee: € 695,- per module (including a non refundable deposit of € 250,-)
  • Food & housing: € 590,- per module

*This information might change


English & Dutch

Guru Preet Kaur – gurupreet @ divinehuman. eu

English & German

Shanti Kaur – satnam @ peacewithin. de